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"Because 40 years ago when I was a kid, you protected me so I'm going to protect you."
―Tommy Doyle to Laurie Strode[src]

In 1978, a young Doyle was babysat by Laurie Strode. He, along with Lindsey Wallace, were protected by Laurie against Michael Myers.

In 2018, an adult Tommy met with Lindsey and others at a bar. After learning that Michael had escaped prison, he gathered up Haddonfield's citizens to form a mob to combat him. When Lindsey was injured by Michael, Tommy rescued her and took her to the hospital where he reunited with Laurie. Vowing to protect her, he then assembled the citizens to combat the murderer. However, after the citizens were killed by Myers, Tommy was killed as well.


Halloween 1978

Tommy in 1978

Tommy Doyle was an eight-year-old boy who often asked questions. On the day of Halloween 1978, he ran into Laurie Strode on his way to school and asked what she was doing going that way. She told him that she was heading towards the Myers house to drop a key, so he told her that it was a spook house and that Lonnie Elam said that horrible things had happened there. At school, Tommy was bullied by Lonnie and his friends Keith and Richie, telling him that the boogeyman was going to get him. Without Tommy noticing, Michael Myers stalked him as he walked home. That night, Laurie arrived to babysit him and he wanted her to read comics and watch scary movies with her. Still worried about what the bullies had told him, Tommy was still afraid of the "boogeyman" and constantly asked questions about him to Laurie, who claimed that he did not exist. They were later joined by Lindsey Wallace, who was dropped off with them by Annie. Seeing Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house, Tommy believed him to be the boogeyman, but Laurie repeatedly dismissed his concerns. Laurie eventually went over to the Wallace house to check on her friends Annie and Lynda, and was attacked by Michael. Running back to the Doyle house, Laurie screamed at Tommy to wake up and unlock the door, and he did so just in time. Laurie ordered him to go upstairs and stay there with Lindsey, then went to get them, believing Michael dead. However, after Tommy sees Michael, she got both children to lock themselves in the bathroom. After once again being attacked and thinking the madman was dead, Laurie got them out of the bathroom and told them to head to the Mackenzies' house.[2]


After Laurie saved him and Lindsey from Michael, Tommy developed a problem controlling his anger. He ended up getting into fights in high school and even more after he graduated. Tommy also couldn't hold down a job for very long without blowing up at someone-usually his boss and had trouble maintaining a relationship. His obsession with Michael and Halloween continued well into his adult years. At some point, Tommy got a tattoo on his wrist of a thorn.[3]

Forty years later

Forty years after the 1978 murders, Tommy stayed in Haddonfield and in contact with his fellow Michael victims, they would go to a bar every Halloween and go through "Tears and Beers". Tommy goes to the bar with Lindsay, Marion, and Lonnie on the night of Halloween 2018, sitting behind Marcus and Vanessa Wilson. He mentions the two homicides at the gas station, Tommy's concerns being brushed off by Lonnie, who tells him that they did not know if Michael was on the bus, and Marion, who refers to Tommy as paranoid. The four laugh and raise their glasses, Marcus requesting that they lower their voices as his wife was trying to watch the talent show. The group complies. Lonnie goes up on stage and begins to introduce Tommy, noting that he used to bully him when they were children but that Tommy was now all-grown up and had "become the most captivating bird whistler." Lonnie leaves the stage and Tommy comes up, greeting the audience with a wave and charging Lonnie with putting him up to coming on stage. The audience joins Tommy in laughing and he tells them that he was not going to whistle for them but instead would tell them a story.[3]

Tommy asks the audience if any of them knew the story of the "Haddonfield Boogeyman", questioning if they were too young to care or too drunk to remember. Without naming the latter trio, Tommy recounts Michael following Laurie, Annie, and Lynda and Michael eventually murdering Annie, Lynda, and Bob as Halloween 1978 progressed. He mentions Laurie protecting two children that night and revealed himself as the young boy she was protecting. Tommy pleads for the audience to join him in commemorating the victims and survivors of Michael. Tommy introduces Lindsey, Marion, and Lonnie and explains their relationships with Michael. Tommy furthers that it was Halloween night in Haddonfield and questions if Michael was real. Tommy says that Michael would never get them because they would not succumb to fear and raises his glass in honor of Laurie.[3]

Tommy leaves the stage and goes to get a drink. As he is sitting down, Tommy is approached by Marcus, who admits that he had no idea about Michael before hearing Tommy's story. Tommy tells him that he appreciates it, and participates in conversation with Brian, who mentions his intent to use his baseball bat on Michael if he comes around. Lonnie is concurrently contacted by Cameron, and he rushes to the group to tell them that Cameron is in trouble. Lonnie quickly walks away and Tommy asks him what is wrong. Marion instructs Tommy to look at the television, where the bar watches a report of four bodies being discovered along the same residential street. Marcus states his intention to leave and goes outside with Vanessa. Tommy, observing the TV, concludes the murders have to be the work of Michael.[3]

Vanessa becomes convinced that Michael is in the backseat of her car and runs back into the bar after alerting Marcus. Tommy goes to grab Brian's baseball bat and gives a donation to Love Lives Today!. Tommy says "Love lives today" and Marion responds, "but evil dies tonight." Tommy goes outside and puts his hand on Marcus's shoulder as he moves past him and Marcus recounts the man inside the car looking at him. Tommy looks back at the others who were inside the bar but have come to look at the vehicle and says that he has "got this." Tommy comes closer to the car and calls for Michael to wake up as he hits the vehicle's hood and then its window. The car begins to drive off and Tommy starts to run after it. The vehicle then slams into a wall and Tommy goes over to it, opening the driver seat's door and finding no one inside. Tommy slams the door close with his foot and openly ponders if Michael thinks he can come around there and scare them. Tommy states his intention to rip Michael's mask off, swing his bat at him, and say "night night" as he murders him.[3]

Tommy drives to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where he is met outside by Lonnie. Lonnie tells him that they found Laurie and she is in recovery. Tommy tells him that they are lucky she survived and mentions that he just heard from one of the police officers at her compound where they found eleven corpses of first responders. Lonnie tells Tommy where Cameron is and mentions that three of his friends were killed earlier. Tommy tells Lonnie they can only stop Michael's killing spree if they all come together on this and Lonnie agrees, the latter opening the back of his car to show him his various firearms. Tommy asks Lonnie if he has a permit for all of his weapons and Lonnie admits that he does for some of them. Cameron comes to the pair and greets Tommy, the latter instructing him to check out the weapons his father has brought. Lindsey, Vanessa, Marcus, and Marion arrive behind Lonnie's car and state their intent to join them in hunting down Michael. Tommy tells Lonnie that they have to give them all protection and that means that he has to share his weapons.[3]

Allyson, coming out of the hospital and defying her mother's orders to stay with Laurie, states her interest in joining their crusade. Tommy then drives around and meets a group of men, telling them that he needs people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and that everyone else needs to go home. Tommy mentions what he perceives as his recent encounter with Michael an hour ago and states that there is strength in numbers. He also tells them to let him know if they see anything and that Michael needs to be stopped tonight. Lindsay, Vanessa, Marcus, and Marion encounter Michael in a park and with the exception of Lindsay, they are all murdered. Tommy is spotted by the group of Lonnie, Allyson, and Cameron. As the trio pulls up, Tommy comes to the car and identifies the one parked there as Lindsay's, informing them that the vehicle is covered in blood but that there are no bodies. Tommy tells that them that it is Michael and that he is there, adding that he needs them. As the three exit the vehicle, Tommy warns them to be careful. Allyson, Cameron, and Tommy call for Lindsay, Tommy telling them to be careful and to keep their heads up.[3]

Lonnie looks around and calls Tommy's name as they see the corpses of Vanessa and Marcus, whose faces have been covered with masks. Tommy comes closer to the bodies and shines his flashlight over them. Cameron calls out for his father and Tommy tells him that they have found something. They then notice Marion's corpse, the latter being hanged up and wearing a mask as well. Tommy identifies her and tells Lonnie that Michael did this. Tommy silently tells an absent Michael that he is going to get him and to come and get it. Tommy touches the hand of Marion's corpse as Allyson announces that she has found Lindsay. Tommy rushes over to Lindsey, heavily injured from her encounter with Myers, and holds her as she frantically says that Michael is still out there.[3]

The group takes Lindsey out of the park and Tommy tells her that she stood up to Michael. Lindsey replies that she tried. They return to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Tommy helps Lindsey to stand as he request for her to be taken to the emergency room. Lindsey is placed in a wheelchair and warns Tommy that Michael is still out there and for him to be careful as she is taken away. Tommy runs over to Karen and asks her how she and her mother are doing. Karen in turn asks where her daughter is and Tommy tells her that Allyson is okay and fine, noting that she is with Lonnie and Cameron. Karen tells him that Michael is coming to the hospital. Tommy questions how she knows this. An officer then walks into the room to announce that the hospital is on lockdown. Throwing his arms up, Tommy proclaims that the Boogeyman is at large and that he has no choice but to emerge, referring to Michael as an apex predator. He tells them there will be no pause or empathy when Michael appears and that this ends with the latter's death. Tommy declares that Michael will be executed tonight and it will not go without witness. Tommy shouts that they need all of them and proclaims that evil dies tonight. Sheriff Barker, a witness to the entire duration of Tommy's speech, tries to tell them to calm down, but Tommy dismisses him on the grounds that they have watched his department fail.[3]

A frenzy erupts and Tommy runs to Laurie's room as Karen tells him that he cannot go inside. Tommy comes over to Laurie, crouching down as he informs her that Michael has murdered Marion and attacked Lindsey as well. Laurie, having been led by Karen to believe that they had successfully killed Michael at her compound earlier in the night, turns to Karen. Karen defends herself by saying that they did not know for sure if he was dead and that she did not know what to tell her. Tommy tells Laurie that he wants her to know that he is going to kill Michael when he comes to the hospital because she protected him when he was a child forty years ago and that it was his turn to protect her. Laurie requests for the nurse to leave the room. The nurse complies and Laurie states that they "had him" and questions how he escaped. Karen says she does not know and Tommy asks what they are going to do, citing that they do not have the police support. Laurie answers that they fight and instructs Tommy to find Michael, Tommy running out of the room in compliance with her request.[3]

Anthony Tivoli, the man who Tommy encountered when he was in the backseat of Vanessa's car, makes his way to the hospital and is mistaken for Michael. Tommy joins in chasing him down, having a horde of others that he has to maneuver through in order to get to him and even assaulting an officer who tries to stop him. Karen is able to seal Tivoli inside of a room behind two locked doors. Tommy watches as the mob breaks the window of the door shortly before Tivoli successfully breaks a window and jumps to his death. Tommy witnesses the suicide and orders a mob member to move, coming outside and calling Brackett's name as the latter comes over to the corpse and proclaims that it is not Michael. Tommy questions how he knows this and Brackett observes that they are being turned into monsters by Michael. Tommy then realizes the error of his ways and tries to speak with Karen as she is walking away, apologizing for what he has done. Karen shouts that he took her daughter to chase a killer and an innocent man is dead. Tommy admits that he messed up and apologizes again. Karen asks what he is going to do now. Tommy says that he has to keep trying and that he is going to go down swinging if he does go down. Karen tells him that she needs a car, which Tommy says he has.[3]

Karen orchestrates a plan to lure Michael to a group of armed citizens. She narrowly prevents Michael from executing Allyson and via a surprise attack, is able to remove his mask. This causes Michael to follow her in an attempt to get it back, and Karen leaves it on the ground. As Michael retrieves it, Tommy's car lights turn on, and the latter appears alongside Brackett and other people committed to killing Michael. Tommy revs up his bat. Michael puts his mask back on and begins being attacked by the mob, with Tommy hitting him in the back as he tries to get back up. Michael is down and Karen comes closer to his body. Tommy tells her that they have this and to go be with her daughter. Complying with Tommy's order, Karen leaves. As Michael lays seemingly unconscious on the ground, Brackett goes to shoot Michael in the head. Michael suddenly slashes Brackett's throat, the latter's blood hitting Tommy in the face. Michael begins to kill the mob members one by one until Tommy is the last remaining. Tommy tries to hit him in the head with his bat, but Michael stabs him in the stomach before he can land the blow. Tommy falls to the ground and stares at Michael as the latter holds his baseball bat. He crushes Tommy's head with a blow, a pool of blood spilling out.[3]


The effects of Tommy's childhood encounter with Michael would define the rest of his life. He showed solidarity with other survivors of the 1978 killing spree as he recognized they had a specific kinship. By commemorating the victims each year for the next four decades, Tommy showed that he understood that by surviving, he had been lucky whereas others had not and felt those that did not live should be remembered. The tragedy would also lead Tommy to believe he was well-acquainted with Myers' handiwork, as he correctly surmised that Michael was behind the gas station murders and thought Michael was trying to scare him and others at the bar when they mistook Tivoli for Michael after the latter sat in the backseat of Vanessa's car. Tommy gained a deep hatred for Michael, as he openly stated his intent to kill him and would even chant to himself about how unafraid he was. This lack of fear was confirmed by Tommy relentlessly pursuing Michael through the night, his intent to confront Michael unwavering even in the face of friends like Marion being murdered. Tommy was practical enough to believe that large numbers were needed to confront Myers, as he admitted to Lonnie that they could only succeed if they worked together and tried to assemble groups of brave people to help in this effort.[3]

As an adult, Tommy became brave and selfless. Throughout Halloween 2018, Tommy was never targeted by Michael but constantly attempted to throw himself in the way of any potential encounter with Michael if it meant stopping him from hurting others as he had done in 1978 and earlier that day. When Vanessa ran back into the bar and claimed that Michael was in her car, Tommy volunteered to confront Myers and his backup comprised of only curious witnesses. After going to Haddonfield Hospital, Tommy swore to Laurie that he would kill Michael and protect her in doing so. When he finally met with Michael again a street down from the Myers house, and as part of a group of people, Tommy showed no fear in trying to attack him and continued to fight even when left as the only one standing after Michael had slaughtered the other residents.[3]

Notes and trivia

  • Along with Michael, Karen Nelson, Dr. Loomis, Lonnie Elam, and Frank Hawkins, Tommy is one of six characters in this timeline to be played by more than one actor.
  • Along with Lonnie, Marion Chambers, and Leigh Brackett, Tommy is one of four characters who appeared in the 1978 Halloween film and survived only to later be murdered by Michael in Halloween Kills.
  • Paul Rudd, who portrayed a different incarnation of Tommy in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, was approached to play the character in Halloween Kills, but he was unable to do so due to his commitment to Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
  • Anthony Michael Hall first met Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1980s when he “was a little boy” and was left with a positive impression of her. Hall recalled that he first saw Curtis on set when she “was shooting a scene at the Haddonfield hospital” and that he “was lost in my thoughts between takes and all of a sudden I see these two bloody hands appear before my face, and she was like waving her bloody hands.” Hall added that Curtis welcomed him to the franchise and praised her as “really a stand-out person.”
  • Tommy is the only character to interact with every Halloween 1978 survivor in Halloween Kills. He talks to Marion, Lonnie, and Lindsey at the bar, and with Brackett and Laurie at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.



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