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Name: Thomas Doyle
Known aliases: Tommy
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Doyle (Parents)
Birth: ca. 1970[1]
Death: November 1, 2018 (Age 48)
Portrayed By: Anthony Michael Hall
Brian Andrews (child)
"Because 40 years ago when I was a kid, you protected me so I'm going to protect you."
―Tommy Doyle to Laurie Strode[src]

In 1978, a young Doyle was babysat by Laurie Strode. He, along with Lindsey Wallace, were protected by Laurie against Michael Myers.

In 2018, an adult Tommy met with Lindsey and others at a bar. After learning that Michael had escaped prison, he gathered up Haddonfield's citizens to form a mob to combat him. When Lindsey was injured by Michael, Tommy rescued her and took her to the hospital where he reunited with Laurie. Vowing to protect her, he then assembled the citizens to combat the murderer. However, after the citizens were killed by Myers, Tommy was killed as well.


Halloween 1978

Tommy in 1978.

Tommy Doyle was an eight-year-old boy who often asked questions. On the day of Halloween 1978, he ran into Laurie Strode on his way to school and asked what she was doing going that way. She told him that she was heading towards the Myers house to drop a key, so he told her that it was a spook house and that Lonnie Elamb said that horrible things had happened there. At school, Tommy was bullied by Lonnie and his friends Keith and Richie, telling him that the boogeyman was going to get him. Without Tommy noticing, Michael Myers stalked him as he walked home. That night, Laurie arrived to babysit him and he wanted her to read comics and watch scary movies with her. Still worried about what the bullies had told him, Tommy was still afraid of the "boogeyman" and constantly asked questions about him to Laurie, who claimed that he did not exist. They were later joined by Lindsey Wallace, who was dropped off with them by Annie. Seeing Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house, Tommy believed him to be the boogeyman, but Laurie repeatedly dismissed his concerns. Laurie eventually went over to the Wallace house to check on her friends Annie and Lynda, and was attacked by Michael. Running back to the Doyle house, Laurie screamed at Tommy to wake up and unlock the door, and he did so just in time. Laurie ordered him to go upstairs and stay there with Lindsey, then went to get them, believing Michael dead. However, after Tommy sees Michael, she got both children to lock themselves in the bathroom. After once again being attacked and thinking the madman was dead, Laurie got them out of the bathroom and told them to head to the Mackenzies' house.


After Laurie saved him and Lindsey from Michael, Tommy developed a problem controlling his anger. He ended up getting into fights in high school and even more after he graduated. Tommy also couldn’t hold down a job for very long without blowing up at someone-usually his boss and had trouble maintaining a relationship. His obsession with Michael and Halloween continued well into his adult years. At some point, Tommy got a tattoo on his wrist of a thorn.

Forty years later

Forty years after the '78 murders, Tommy stayed in Haddonfield and in-contact with His Fellow Michael Victims, They would go to a bar every Halloween and go through "Tears and Beers".



  1. Tommy is mentioned in the script of the original Halloween as being eight years old.