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Tommy and the Boogeyman
Tommy and the Boogeyman.jpg
Publisher Devil's Due Publishing
Writers Stefan Hutchinson
Pencilers Jeffrey Zornow & Lee Ferguson
Inkers Jeffrey Zornow & Lee Ferguson
Colorists Jeffrey Zornow & Rob Ruffalo
Letterers by Ed Dukeshire
Editors Stephen Christy
Publication Order
Preceded by
Trick or Treat
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Tommy and the Boogeyman is a short comic featured in Halloween: 30 Years of Terror. It takes place in the H20 Timeline.


October 2005

Tommy Doyle is a 35-year-old man who is a horror comic book writer. He has gotten married to a woman named Tina, who always tells her husband not to leave his comics laying around the house for their son, Jamie, to find. Tommy sees that she is holding up his favorite comic "Tarantula Man", and tells her to be careful with it. Tina hands it to him and Tommy starts to read the comic.

Tarantula Man

The Tarantula Man introduces the reader to his world and two girls named Rebecca and Haley as they walk home from school. As soon as Rebecca arrives home, she runs into a spider web. She freaks out when she notices a spider on her cheek and it falls off. She then notices that her underwear is all over the stairs and sees that there are more spiders crawling all over them. Rebecca heads up stairs to figure out what is happening and sees the Tarantula Man going through her drawers and sniffing her underwear. Rebecca tries to flee out the front door but it is too late as she is already trapped. She screams for help as the Tarantula Man kills her.

An hour later Haley comes over since they made plans to study at Rebecca's house. Haley looks through the window to find her friend getting her blood sucked out. Haley runs away but it is said that no matter how far you run away from him, the Tarantula Man will always get you.

October 2005

As he finishes the story, Tommy decides to write about his own Boogeyman and makes up stories that involve an alternate universe that has Michael Myers having a young niece that he stalks, and being cursed with Thorn.