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Name: Vincent Scarlotti
Known aliases: Budd
Gender: Male
Location: 527 Elgin Avenue, Haddonfield, Illinois[1]
Known Relatives: Angelo Scarlotti (father)
Maria Scarlotti (mother)
Mark Scarlotti (brother)[1]
Birth: January 25, 1948
Death: October 31, 1978 10:43 PM (Age 30) [1]
Portrayed By: Leo Rossi
First Appearance: Halloween II
"Where you goin', college boy?"
―Budd Scarlotti to Jimmy[src]

Vincent 'Budd' Scarlotti (January 25, 1948 - October 31, 1978) is a character that appears in Halloween II is portrayed by Leo Rossi.


Vincent Scarlotti was born in Chicago, Illinois to Angelo and Maria Scarlotti on January 25, 1948.[1] He was later joined by a younger brother named Mark. He was often referred to his nickname of Budd. At some point in his life, his family moved to Haddonfield and he became an EMT at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Budd was very sexual and he was prone to crude language. He had a secret sexual relationship with nurse Karen Bailey. His relationships with the other hospital staff were not as well as they were easily annoyed by his attitude. He usually offered advice to Jimmy about dating women and to never date a patient.

October 31, 1978 would turn out to be a busy night for the entire hospital staff as three teens were murdered and Laurie Strode was injured. Budd had gotten tired of how everyone was acting over Michael Myers and went to see Karen. He decided to scare her so he got into a bed and pushed the button to get Karen's attention. Once she arrived, he pulled her into the bed with him. She was annoyed at first but got over it. Budd asked her if she wanted to go to the therapy room but Karen didn't want to leave the children she was supposed to be watching. Budd convinced her to go along with his plan and she told him that she would meet him in fifteen minutes.[2]

Unknown to Karen, Budd is murdered by Michael

Budd watched Karen as she got undressed and into the pool but neither of them knew that Michael Myers was also in the room. He turned the heat on in the pool and as Karen kept complaining about the heat, Budd realized that she was right and got out to turn the temperature down. At that moment, he was attacked and strangled with a length of cord.[2]


  • Budd's social security number was 417-93-6043.[1]
  • Budd's corpse was examined by Graham from 12:30 PM on November 1, 1978 to 2:00 PM on the same day.[1]