Virginia Alves
Name: Virginia Maria Alves
Known aliases: Patricia Maria Alves[1]
Nurse Alves
Mrs. Alves
Gender: Female
Location: 819 Evergreen Avenue, Haddonfield, Illinois[2]
Known Relatives: James Aaronsen (father)
Ellen Aaronsen (mother)
Robert Alves (husband)[2]
Birth: March 29, 1947
Death: October 31, 1978 (Age 31) [2]
Portrayed By: Gloria Gifford
First Appearance: Halloween II
"Visiting hours are definitely over."
―Virginia Alves[src]

Virginia Maria Alves (March 29, 1947 - October 31, 1978) is a character that appears in Halloween II, played by Gloria Gifford.


Virginia Maria Alves was born on March 29th, 1947 to James and Ellen Aaronsen in McMinnville, Tennessee. She also got married to Robert Alves at some point in her life.[2] She moved to Haddonfield, where she became the strict head nurse of the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. She was a highly respected member of the medical staff, but employees under her watch such as paramedics and nurses would occasionally evade or sidestep her authority by bypassing her work station, or when she cared for a patient. Mrs. Alves was an impressively observant woman quickly noticing that college student and part-time orderly Jimmy was falling for 17-year-old patient Laurie Strode.[3]

On the night of Tuesday October 31, 1978, she oversaw the treatment of Laurie Strode's wounds alongside the hospital's chief physician Dr. Frederick Mixter. Mrs. Alves relayed information concerning Laurie's parents' whereabouts - Morgan and Pamela Strode had attended a Halloween party also visited by Dr. Mixter. Although Mixter had been drunk, he remembered seeing Laurie's parents there. Virginia tried tracking down Laurie's parents via telephone with no luck. When Laurie was first admitted as a patient, Mrs. Alves revealed to her that during the attacks, she had cracked a bone when she injured her ankle.[3]

Mrs. Alves Death

Nurse Alves' corpse is found by Jimmy

Later that night, Laurie's brother Michael Myers sneaked into the hospital, killing several staff members, including Mrs. Alves, in an effort to get to his sister. He strapped Alves down to a table and inserted an I.V. drip into a vein, draining her of all her blood. Her corpse was discovered by Jimmy.[3] She was buried at Mt. Sinclair Cemetery on November 4th 1978.[2]

She is the 13th human victim of Michael Myers.

Trivia Edit

  • Virginia's social security number was 393-11-1327.[2]
  • Virginia's corpse was attended by Graham from 10:30 AM on November 1st, 1978 to 11:45 AM on the same day.[2]
  • The role of Virginia Alves was originally written as a 55-year-old white woman. Debra Hill pointed this out but Rick Rosenthal believed that Gloria Gifford could handle the role.

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