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Wesley Rhoades.jpg
Name: Wesley Rhoades
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known Relatives: father
Birth: January 2nd 1977
Death: October 31, 1990 (aged 13)
Portrayed By: Daryl Sabara
First Appearance: Halloween

Wesley Rhoades is a minor antagonist in Rob Zombie's Halloween. He was a bully and rival to future serial killer Michael Myers during the latter's days at Haddonfield Elementary School.


Wesley's corpse

Wesley Rhoades was a young teenager who often bullied and tormented Michael, who was a couple of years his junior. He accused Michael's sister of being a prostitute and made fun of the fact that Michael's mother worked as a stripper.

After teasing Michael of his plan to make copies of a Rabbit in Red Lounge ad that featured his mother, a fight broke out between them that also included Wesley's friend. The fight was soon broken by Principal Chambers and Wesley was forced to serve detention after class.

After school, Michael ambushed him in the woods and brutally bludgeoned Wesley with a heavy tree branch before leaving him to die.

Notes and trivia

  • Notably, in this continuity, Wesley Rhoades is the very first human murder victim of Michael Myers, unlike in the original film, where his sister Judith Myers was his first human victim.
  • The character of Wesley Rhoades was created by writer/director Rob Zombie. He is unique to the continuity of the Halloween remake series and does not have a counterpart in the original series.